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About Us



Plant Tissue Culture Technology offers great promise for the production of quality planting material on account of disease free and true to type genetically uniform plants produced through micropropagation techniques.

To maximize new opportunities in biotechnology research and bring more innovative products quickly to enhance product development, following easy access to provide the products for farmers with proof of quality. Right from inception, we have been striving for excellence and improvement of our product by meeting the promising quality standards. Currently Sri Venkateshwara Agro Technologies focuses on export of Grand Nine (G-9) around the countries. Providing the guidelines of new techniques on plantation, to get more benefits for farmers.

Sri Venkateshwara Agro Technologies with its highly qualified staff and world-class facilities is always committed to ensure quality for clients & customers satisfaction.


Our vision is producing quality tissue culture raised plants and other high valued planting materials derived from tissue culture based technology for the supply to its customers at affordable rate.


Our mission is to help our clients manage change and transform their businesses through high-quality, cost-effective business information solutions.